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Your Guide

Dr. Ben Nearingburg is an author, research scientist, photographer, and ACMG Assistant Hiking Guide based out of the mountain-town of Jasper, nestled in the Canadian Rockies.  Ben has a keen interest in many mountainous pursuits not only hiking but also rock and ice climbing, technical mountaineering, ski touring, and even a dash of caving.  Ben's guiding goals are to help guests safely experience the sights and serenity that the mountains provide.

Ben near the summit of Mount Willingdon, Banff National Park. Photo: Vern Dewit 


While Ben is based out of the Canadian Rockies he has also traveled the hills of the interior and coastal ranges in British Columbia and also around the world from Norwegian fjords to Austrian alps.  Ben also maintains a personal website for trips and tales in the hills, the amusingly named,  For information about any trips or to send Ben an email directly at

Ben near the Sydney Vallance Hut in Jasper National Park.  Photo: P. Nearingburg


For some additional non-mountainous reading feel free to browse through some of Ben's other published work:

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