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The Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies are home to some of the most scenic and celebrated landscapes in North America.  With sprawling glaciers, alpine meadows, and vasts tracts of pristine forest.  In short, the Canadian Rockies are a hiker's paradise.  

Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park is quite the sight!


A well-developed system of trails links up the national mountain Parks (Jasper National Park, Banff  National Park, Kootenay National Park, and Yoho National Park along with nearby provincial parks in Alberta and British Columbia into a vast region for hiking, climbing, and adventures of all sorts.  Trails and destinations range from half-day outings, day-trips, to multiple day treks travelling deep into the backcountry.  The number of trails and trips in The Rockies can be overwhelming, and narrowing down a plan can be a stressful task.  Hiking with a guide ensures that your trip will be safe, hassle-free, and tailored to your goals (scenic views, quiet remote valleys, or sneaking a peak at some of the wild creatures that roam the hills).

Mountain goats in the Rockies are exceptional climbers.


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Hiking in the Mountain National Parks

The largest and least travelled of the Mountain National Parks, Jasper National Park is home to a wide range of ecological regions, woodland critters tall and small, and also Starry Summit guide Ben Nearingburg's home base.  Jasper National Park has many options for hiking from remote week long traverses to afternoon alpine strolls.  The typical hiking season in Jasper is between June to late September.  Check out the list below for some of the great areas to discover in Jasper.

For information on accommodations, travel and route conditions be sure to visit Jasper National Park's and the Tourism Jasper's websites.


Views from the campground on the third Geraldine Lake in Jasper National Park

Recommended Adventures:

Day Trips:

  •  Jasper National Park Day Hikes , 1 Day


​Difficulty Ratings Explained:

 Easy trips with short days and good trails.     

 Moderate trips with more aggressive terrain and more distance to cover.

 Advanced trips with extensive travel on rugged trails, may include creek crossings.  Expect long days.

Trip Length:

  • Daytrip, Can be completed round-trip in a single day from the parking area.
  • Backpacking, A multi-day (2+) adventure sleeping in tents or backcountry huts.